Cinnamon Grand Colombo Tactical Campaign Targeting Ramadan Offer to Middle East Back

Tactical PPC Campaign Targeting Ramadan Offer to Middle East Market

Cinnamon Grand Colombo is a leading 5-star city hotel which is ideal for leisure and business travelers
and has operated in the industry for over a decade. While ongoing campaigns generating good returns
Cinnamon Grand want to capitalize on the seasonal trends.

eMarketingEye looked in to this and proposed implementing tactical campaigns. During the discussions it
was decided to focus on Ramadan and target the Middle East market as the firs tactical campaign for
Cinnamon Grand.


increase in Bookings


increase in Booking Revenue




increase Average Booking Value


  • Historical visitor and booking trend was analyzed using Google Analytics.
  • Ramadan in 2015 started on Mid June and ended in mid July. So the PPC campaign was planned for the month of July 2015 targeting the bookings to come in late July and August.
  • Ramadan offer was introduced targeting higher room categories with benefits such as Butler service, F and B discounts etc.
  • The keywords strategy included targeting brand keywords (Cinnamon Grand Colombo), Generic Keywords (Colombo City Hotels, Colombo 5 Star Hotels, Colombo Luxury Hotels) and Competitor Keywords
  • The banners for the awareness campaign focused on promoting the luxury stays and suites